Take full control of student parcels. Designed for desktop touch screen and PC.

University of Kent

Massive work has been done to make University of Kent student registration, accommodation preferences, induction and overall experience outstanding.

Kinetic Solutions

New Kinetic website design concept, re-designed for new visitors and current customers in mind.

KxEvents. Event Management System

Event Management application designed specifically for mobile devices with touch interface. Designed from scratch as the desktop application alternative.

University of Liverpool

Student’s application, accommodation preferences, contract and induction re-think and re-design from the ground up.

Trinity Project

This desktop web application has been designed for Venue Event’s managers to make the booking venue process as slick as possible and visually simple and intuitive.


KxInspections designed specifically for non-expensive android tablets to make a university’s accommodation room inspector’s life easier.

Kinetic Brand Book

Kinetic Solutions’ brand book, business cards, letterheads, complimentary slips and guidelines.