KOTA Branding

Complete re–bonding of the company logo & style

Karolinska Institutet Housing

A Swedish University website for student accommodations and billing system was re-designed according to new UI standards and current Swedish design style.


Examples of different styling for the same content in respect of client preferences.

The Plough

Re-design of the awesome Bar & Restaurant (Simpson, Milton Keynes) website + photo session.

Kinetic Solutions

New Kinetic website design concept, re-designed for new visitors and current customers in mind.

KxProposal Front-end

KxProposal front end design to make client’s proposal look and feel nice, easy to understand and simply to navigate. Award-winning product.

Liberty Living

Another Liberty Living website re-design concept. Drastically different.

Nikas Safronov

Nikas Safronov personal website. Designed to reflect personality of this very talented Russian artist.

La Bella

Completely new website designed mostly for women and their needs.

Freetimers Internet

This concept been designed and developed for the Freetimers Internet company, totally re-imagened from ground-up.

Five Pacel

Website designed to address parcels from UK to other countries and consolidate few parcels into a one.

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